Château Soulac


About the Château

Whether you are having a wedding at Le Soulac or a family holiday, there are many local attractions for your guests to enjoy. There are numerous market towns within 10 - 20 minutes drive, the famous world heritage site and wine town of St. Emllion is only 25 minutes away and it is only a 60 minute drive to the centre of Bordeaux. Locally there is plenty of cycling (we provide a limited number of bikes) and there is the ever popular canoeing on the Dordogne. The castle at Duras and the famous chocolate and prune factory shop, make a lovely half day round trip. Of course we are surrounded by many wineries and two established golf courses are both 25 - 30 minutes away. If you fancy a day at the beach, we would recommend getting up early and you'll be surfing at Biscarosse la Plage within 2 hours.

Château Soulac is located within the jurisdiction of Juillac, standing on top of a natural rock formation overlooking the Dordogne river and valley. Originally called Château du Soulat, it is a fortified residence of the 17th century, having originally started as a 14th century Monastery and Chapel, remnants of which are still visible in the present day layout of the building.

Purchased by the Bonapartist family in the nineteenth century it was transformed extensively into the Château that you see today. The creation of the central square courtyard, and the Château’s four corner towers, and high central tower to the main entrance, provided symmetry and order to a largely medieval property.

In the mid twentieth century it became part of the French National Stud (“Haras Nationaux”) until 1996, which can still be seen in many of the features around the Château....there are still 13 of the original stables intact. The current owners bought the property in 2007 and undertook two years of renovation and restoration work achieving a mix of ancient and modern design throughout.